XRF: 99.9% Accurate Gold Testing Machine

Guaranteed Precision in Gold Evaluation with XRF Gold Testing Machine.
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Gold Testing Machine: Across Multiple Industries

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Jewellery & Banking

Find Gold Purity solutions considering dynamic businesses from banks, jewellery retail, old gold purchase stores, gold loans firms.

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Hallmarking & Testing Labs

Solutions for Growing compliance of BIS Standards and new HUID requirements is guaranteed through our engineering for stability & accuracy.

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Laser Marking, Soldering & Cutting

Lasers is becoming tech of future and by creating new solutions to help you transform your business to whole new level.

Why Maxsell's Gold Testing Machines

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Technology - Affordable & Useable for Your Business.

Maxsell’s Gold Testing Machines: More than machines, it’s trust. We deliver confidence and the gold standard in quality. Our mission: Make Technology – affordable & Useable.

Confidence in Gold, Alleviating Impurity.

Maxsell’s Gold Testing Machines: Your technology partner for pure trust in gold & metals. We eliminate doubts, ensuring purity & authenticity, whether you buy, sell, process, or hold.

Our Achievements that keeps growing

Growth is fuelled by trust of our Customers and persistence of our team.
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How XRF Gold Testing Machines Work?


X-ray Beam

Harness the power of X-ray radiation to stimulate the gold sample, causing its atoms to emit characteristic X-ray fluorescence.


Detecting X-rays

Special detectors capture the X-rays emitted when the sample is exposed, to unveil the unique elemental composition of the gold.


Spectrum Analysis

Analyzes the collected X-rays by their distinct energy levels, forming a spectrum, which is like a unique fingerprint for each element.


Accurate Results

A computer processes this X-ray spectrum to identify which elements are present and quantifies their amounts & Calculates final accurate result.

Why Customer Love & Trust Maxsell

Mr. Rajesh
Mr. Rajesh Orion LED Manufacturing Pvt. Ltd
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How has Maxsell’s 24/7 support helped your business?
We’re very much satisfied with the 5-star customer service of Maxsell. They are very responsive and easy to reach, their timely support with original OEM spare parts have helped me to run an uninterrupted business.
Mr.VishwanathanMD Vishwa & Devji
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What prompted you to buy Maxsell Gold Testing Machine?
Scoured the market, needed testers compact and simple for new staff across India. Maxsell's MXGT Karat Pro fit the bill - user-friendly, accurate, no training required. Practical and powerful, just what we were looking for.
Mr. Nitin Khandelwal
Mr. Nitin Khandelwal Khandelwal Jewellers
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How has the accuracy been with the Maxsell gold testing machines?
Maxsell's MXGT Aurum is a game-changer! It's super accurate, easy to use, and even detects hidden nasties like Iridium and other prohibited elements. My customers trust me for authentic pieces, and Aurum helps me deliver on that promise.
Mr.VaraprasadCMR Group Leading Retail Stores AP & Telengana
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Brief about Maxsell’s maintenance and support
10 years with Maxsell, 3 key wins: Client trust: Transparency with accurate testing. Efficiency: Smooth old gold exchange process. Appeal: Compact, stylish tester enhances showroom experience. Highly recommend Maxsell for value & quality!

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