Having been into the industry for the past 15 years

We proudly say that every Maxsell product has succeeded in empowering people and society.

We want all our customers to look confident in their business

We want all our customers to win the market trust and uphold it forever, we do this by making scientific technology accessible,affordable and possible.

Switch it on for million possibilities.

We build powerful machines that allow all our customers to test, mark, solder or repair their products, so that they sell it with utmost confidence & pride

Our 6-Step Commitment

Committed to after sales support

With 500+ OEM Parts in stock, the waiting time for support is drastically reduced, thus we ensure the fastest after service support to all our customers.

Lifetime online support

We offer life time free online support to our clients, through a dedicated In-house team and advanced remote support tools.

Quality commitment

All our products are subjected to tough quality checks with 17 to 22 check points including robust packaging to ensure quality delivery to our customers.

Commitment to spares support

Only OEM spare parts are supplied, at the lowest price than any other competitors in the market.

One-year guarantee

Our Warranty claims are always the fastest in the industry and frills free too.

Safety is our priority

At Maxsell, we are committed to human safety and all our products are assessed and certified as safe for daily Human usages.

Vinod Kumar



General Manager

What prompted you to buy Maxsell Gold Testing Machine? - Mr.Vishwanathan MD Vishwa & Devji

We did a thorough research of gold testers existing in the market and found Maxsell XRF machines to be compact and easy to use. As we have stores across India, we can only recruit operators who haven’t used XRF machines so far, hence we preferred MXGT Karat Pro which was easy to operate without any training or experience and Karat pro was also one of the most accurate XRF, I have ever come across.

– Mr.Vishwanathan MD Vishwa & Devji

How has the accuracy been with the Maxsell gold testing machines? - Mr.Sri Nitin Khandelwal , Khandelwal Jewellers

Our reputation is high among our customers and we always want to assure they buy authentic ornaments. Maxsell MXGT Aurum is highly accurate and moreover, easy to operate – just what we were looking for. It can detect some dangerous elements too, including Iridium, Ruthenium etc., in the ornament. Aurum tremendously helps us keep up our Quality delivery promise.

– Mr.Sri Nitin Khandelwal , Khandelwal Jewellers

Brief about the Maxsell’s maintenance and support - Mr.Sri Varaprasad, CMR Group Leading Retail Stores AP & Telengana

We’ve been using Maxsell’s gold tester for 6 years and have got several benefits out of it. I’d say the top three benefits are – It helps build transparency with our clients; Our team finds it extremely helpful during old gold exchange; Its compact & kiosk-y look makes it unique and appealing to our customers and looks great in our showrooms across AP & Telengana! I would highly recommend Maxsell for those who’re looking for value and quality.

– Mr.Sri Varaprasad, CMR Group Leading Retail Stores AP & Telengana

How has Maxsell’s 24/7 support helped your business? - Mr. Rajesh. Orion LED Manufacturing Pvt. Ltd

We’re very much satisfied with the 5-star customer service of Maxsell. They are very responsive and easy to reach, their timely support with original OEM spare parts have helped me to run an uninterrupted business.

– Mr. Rajesh. Orion LED Manufacturing Pvt. Ltd

What are the top benefits you get from Maxsell Laser Machines? - Mr.Balu,Chairman GRT Jewelers

We installed a Maxsell laser marker in the year 2015. So far, the marking quality and speed have been great, such that it makes us highly productive, and thus we make all our customers highly satisfied with our timely service. The machine is completely maintenance-free and we save a lot on machine maintenance.

– Mr.Balu, Chairman GRT Jewelers

What makes you choose Maxsell over the competitors? - Mr.John, MD Khazana Jewelers

We have purchased an XRF machine from a different company before, but their service charges were exorbitant, and we were at the helm of their terms and charges. And then later we come across Maxsell products, they are not only cost effective but also low on service and maintenance cost. We would recommend Maxsell for customers who need a better value for their products.

– Mr.John, MD Khazana jewelers

Why did you choose Maxsell over competitors? - Mr.Ashok Kumar Bardia, Anopchand Tilokchand Jewellers

All features I need were exactly available with Maxsell’s range of machines – looks smart, functional and practical. Even our Customers Love It! And more importantly, its aptly made for jewellers like me who offer prompt customer service. So, I always prefer Maxsell over other brands.

– Mr.Ashok Kumar Bardia, Anopchand Tilokchand Jewellers

Why did you choose Maxsell’s Laser machine? - Mr.Aljo, Toko Rx Lab

I switched to using Maxsell laser machines after facing serious inefficiencies in the previously used machine bought from a local vendor. After using Maxsell Laser marking machine, we are experiencing a great improvement in our productivity & profit – the Maxsell machine is seriously a workhorse, which offers impressive work finish, I am happy to have chosen a reputed brand like Maxsell for my business.

– Mr.Aljo, Toko Rx Lab

Why would you recommend Maxsell’s Laser machines? - Mr.Apurva, Mani Jewels

I am very impressed with Maxsell laser machines and highly recommend it to industries like us. Our productivity, profit & ROI has increased substantially post installation of the machine. If you want a quicker breakeven, guaranteed ROI, uncompromising quality, then Maxsell is the one for you

– Mr.Apurva, Mani Jewels

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