FAQ – Frequently Asked Questions

FAQ – Frequently Asked Questions

Product FAQ

Category: Product FAQ

Absolutely! We understand the importance of getting precise information when making a purchase. While providing all technical details in the FAQ might be overwhelming, we offer two easy ways to access detailed specifications:

  1. Visit our website: We have dedicated pages for each laser equipment model with comprehensive specifications, including laser source type, wattage, marking area, and more.
  2. Contact our sales team: Our experts are happy to answer any questions you have and provide personalized recommendations based on your specific needs.

Tip: To speed up the process, mention the specific model you’re interested in when contacting our team.

Category: Product FAQ

Here’s a simplified overview of your product range:

Gold Testing Machines:

  • EDXRF technology: Accurate and reliable analysis.
  • 3 main categories: Choose the best fit for your needs.
  • 10+ models: From basic to advanced features.
  • Customizable options: Design your ideal machine.

Laser Equipment:

  • Fiber & Nd Yag sources: Powerful and versatile lasers.
  • High-quality marking: Precise and durable results.
  • Soldering machines: Reliable and long-lasting performance.

Key Focus: We strive to offer diverse high-quality solutions for your gold testing and laser needs, including customization options for specific applications.

Category: Product FAQ

1. Scratch & place: Make a tiny mark with a scraper & position under the on-screen crosshair.

2. Test & repeat: Press “Test” & do it again on different spots for accuracy.

3. View results: Check the average reading & print a report in your preferred style.

Tip: For more details, check your user manual!

Category: Product FAQ

Here are 3 key technical specs to understand:

1. Detector:

  • Proportional Counter: Low cost, limited detection, meets basic needs.
  • Si-Pin: Great value, good precision for most needs.
  • SDD/Fast SDD: Ideal for high sample volume and faster testing.

2. X-ray Tube & Collimator:

  • Separate tube: Avoids overheating issues.
  • Collimator size: Choose based on sample type (0.5-2mm).

3. Mounting Type:

  • Top-down: Requires more care, suitable for large/sharp objects.
  • Bottom-up: More common, easier to use.

Tip: Contact our experts for personalized recommendations based on your specific needs and usage!

Category: Product FAQ

Our lasers offer high precision and speed, tackling various applications across industries. Here are some highlights:

  • Q-Switched Lasers (20-120W): Ideal for common tasks like marking, engraving,and cutting with impressive speed.
  • MOPA Lasers: Perfect for specialized or unique needs with their wide pulse range and versatile output, allowing for stunning effects.


  • Jewelry: Marking logos, serial numbers, and designs.
  • Electronics: Marking components, cutting circuits.
  • Manufacturing: Part marking, serializing, date coding.
  • Packaging: Custom engraving, logo marking.
  • Promotional Products: Personalizing gifts, awards, and more.

Need help finding the right laser for your needs? Contact our experts for personalized recommendations!

Category: Product FAQ

Maxsell: Your trusted partner for precision tools, since 2004.

We offer high-quality:

  • Gold Testing Machines: Accurate results, reliable performance.
  • Laser Equipment: Precise marking, engraving, & soldering.
  • And more: Cash counters, printers, industrial solutions.

Known for:

  • Durability: Built to last, delivering value.
  • Support: Prompt & transparent, ensuring uptime.
  • Innovation: Constantly evolving to meet your needs.

Choose Maxsell, choose quality and precision.

Service & Warranty

Keep your laser in a clean, dry environment. For occasional lens cleaning, use a soft, dry clothavoid chemicals, water, and detergents. Don’t remove the lens, as it can damage the instrument.

Absolutely! Most Maxsell devices come pre-loaded with software and have built-in PCs, minimizing setup hassle and keeping your workspace organized. Seamless integration ensures a smooth transition into your operations.

You’re covered! Basic training comes with installation at Your Site. Need more? Online resources & advanced options available. For advanced users and applications, Special training is provided upon request.

Yes! Maxsell products run mostly on Windows and our team provides compatibility solutions. Plus, our software lets you connect with other tools, streamlining your workflow. Contact our experts to discuss specific integrations and automation options.

Reach out to our dedicated team in two ways:

  • Call:
    • For general inquiries: 7550061200
    • For technical issues: 7550071200
  • Online: Submit your request on our website or send an email to: customercare@maxsell.co.in

We aim to connect with you within 45 minutes for most concerns. For complex technical issues or hardware problems, we’ll schedule a visit after confirming your availability.

Great news! Our machines are mostly maintenance-free thanks to their design with minimal moving parts and installation in clean environments. However, here are two simple checks to ensure optimal performance:

  1. Regularly monitor your online UPS: This ensures proper backup power in case of outages.
  2. Check the earthing voltage leakage: Aim for a reading below 1.5V (leak) for safe and reliable operation.

For more detailed maintenance instructions or assistance, feel free to contact our support team.

We’re here to help! Try these:**

  1. Check sample: Test multiple areas & ensure consistent results.
  2. Scratch & align: Carefully scratch & align spot with camera crosshair.
  3. Check temperature: Verify machine & tube temps are within range (displayed).
  4. Power & earthing: Confirm clean voltage & proper earthing. If not, seek service.
  5. Cross-check: Compare sample at 3 labs for verification.
  6. Report issue: Register a complaint with Customer Care & include sample images.

Need more help? Our support team is ready!

Maxsell offers a 1-year standard manufacturer’s warranty on all products. Accessories like printers and online UPS follow their respective brand’s warranty terms.

After the warranty period, consider our attractive AMC (Annual Maintenance Contract) schemes for peace of mind. We offer various options, including the industry-leading “Comprehensive” plan that protects against various risks.

User manuals come with your instrument. For additional resources, explore these options:

  • Visit our YouTube Channel: We have a growing library of video tutorials covering various topics.
  • Contact customer support: Email customercare@maxsell.co.in or reach us directly through WhatsApp at 7550071200 / 7550061200.
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