MX-GT Aurum 5 Pro

Maxsell MX-GT Aurum 5 Pro, is the latest XRF gold analyzer with high stability and faster processing HDSP technology (Hybrid Digital Signal Processor). The latest FP2.0 algorithm is based on better identification of Peak energy and quantification of element volume. The test of the new algorithm has proved a better than 0.15% stability for several 100s of combinations of gold samples and also samples with unusual metal combination. With special BIS application loaded, it can also serve as a cost effective option for Hallmarking Centers.

  • High Accuracy Results with HDSP technology (Hybrid Digital Signal Processor)
  • Detects 30+ Elements Precisely better than Fire Assay
  • Identifies Prohibited Elements (Powder) Iridium, Ruthenium, Osmium, etc
  • Industrial Integrated PC With External Display
American technology, made for India
12 months warranty
OEM Spares
Prompt Support

Designed with ‘you’ in mind

Over a decade of Research conducted in the field has led to the most stable and accurate XRF, which is specially designed for the Indian market such that the machine well adopts to your business

The speed that you really need

Get sharp and accurate results in just 40 seconds. So, that you test & certify more jewelries in a day.

Precision to the core

Give a detailed test report like the fire assay method as the tester identifies even prohibited elements like Iridium, Ruthenium, Osmium, Rhenium, etc.., even with a very low PPM concentration.

A workhorse

Triple Stage Cooling system cools the heat from the X ray tube, hence continuous operations will not deter/stop the machine.

The best detector on the planet

Si Pin Diode Detector is from AMP-TEK USA which detects 25 + elements, who is also the world leader in detectors


The large sample placement area, to easily place and remove samples, and the ability to work long time for continuous operations makes the machine extremely productive.


Detector Si - Pin Diode Detector
X-Ray Source W-Target X-Ray tube with Triple stage Cooling
Collimator Most optimum size < 2mm ( optional 1mm)
Analysis Elements From Al (13) to U (92) around 79 elements
Analysis Range 1% ~ 99.99%
Testing Time 15 – 60 seconds (User Selectable)
High Voltage 0-50 kV / 0-1 mA
Power Supply 110V - 260V, 50/60 Hz

In the box

  • U Key
  • Surface Cleaning Tool
  • Power Cable
  • Bangle & Ring Holder
  • Sample Holder
  • Quick Setup Sample
  • Sample Films
  • Machine Cover

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