MX LC Series

The specially designed MX-LC series is ideal for performing a myriad of laser cutting operations. The machines offer precise finishing and virtually zero damage & wastage to the material. The MX-LC series comes at varying powers ranging from 60 W to 150 W, so that whatever the material & application are, our machine offers the right cut & finish.

  • Comes with CNC control system for precise cutting
  • Has an extremely high accuracy for cutting even finer patterns
  • Suitable for cutting on a variety of materials including organic glass, crystals etc.


MXLC-6040600 mm X 400 mm290 kg1620 mm X 970 mm X 1270 mm
MXLC-9060900 mm X 600 mm320 kg1940 mm X 1250 mm X 1270 mm
MXLC-10801000 mm X 800 mm440 kg2040 mm X 1500 mm X 1270 mm
MXLC-12901200 mm X 900 mm520 kg1900 mm X 1600 mm X 1270 mm
MXLC-14901400 mm X 900 mm600 kg2100 mm X 1600 mm X 1270 mm
MXLC-16101600 mm X 1000 mm660 kg2280 mm X 1690 mm X 1270 mm


  • DSP control technology ensures greater accuracy & stability
  • Features imitative cutting, color separation cutting, non-stop cutting etc.,
  • Imported optical system to ensure long lifetime


  • Wood work
  • Paper & cloth
  • Organic glass cutting
  • Reflective material cutting
  • Die-board cutting

Suitable Materials

  • Wood
  • Paper
  • Cloth
  • Resin
  • Plastic
  • Acrylic
  • Woollen
  • Organic glass
  • Rubber
  • Ceramic
  • Crystal
  • Jade
  • Bamboo
  • Other non-metals

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