MXGT Aurum 5 SDD

MXGT Aurum 5 SDD

Maxsell’s MXGT Aurum 5 SDD , is faster, latest XRF gold analyzer with high stability and faster processing HDSP technology (Hybrid Digital Signal Processor). Solid Body construction with Robust software. Updated with New FP2.0 algorithm, there is 45% improvement in overall stability from its previous version.

  • Results in 10 seconds
  • Detects 30+ Elements Precisely better than Fire Assay
  • Identifies Prohibited Elements (Powder) Iridium, Ruthenium, Osmium, etc
  • Industrial Integrated PC With External Display
  • FP 2.0 Upgraded with High stability and Stunning Accuracy.

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X-ray DetectorSilicon Drift Detector SDD
Accuracy+/- 0.1%, +/- 0.01% (999)
Aperture (Collimator)1.5mm (Optional 1mm or 0.5mm)
X-ray TubeW Target with Triple cooling system.
Testing Time10 – 60 Secs (Can be set by User)
Element RangeK 19 – U 92, Detects 30+ Metals
ReportPDF, Excel, XML, API integration & Custom Report.
DimensionL 450 x W 400 x H 350 (mm)
Operating SystemWindows 7 / 10
DisplayExternal Monitor Display
Sample ViewCrosshair-guided Zoom-able video & picture for identifying intrinsic spots.
SystemInbuilt Industrial Grade PC.
Sample FocusNo Stage is necessary
Operating Conditions15 – 30 Deg Cel with < 90% Humidity
IntegrationsElectronic balance, barcode scanner, API integration with 3rd party.
ApprovalsISO approved, AERB, CE, RoHS, and FCC.

Is Your Business having Purity Phobia

Use latest XRF Based Gold Testing Machine and Run your Business Confidently.

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Aurum5 SDD - Cost Effective Robustness

Get the power of SDD and yet save at least 40% in initial cost and at least 60% overall cost of ownership during the product lifecycle. Precision yet affordable.

Product Features 18

Results in just 10 seconds

Shorter testing time that can help in sorting functions, besides extend the testing time to ensure higher accuracy. Its flexible testing timing helps you with better productivity.

Product Features 19

The best detector on the planet

SDD Detector of better than 140eV, provides improved results with a test accuracy higher than the fire assay method, besides being able to trace elements contained even in very low content (ppm level).

Product Features 20

Choose the Right Collimator

With optional collimator, Now Order between 0.5mm, 1mm, 1.5mm or 2mm or even larger collimator to meet your desired application. Flexibility without breaking the bank.

Product Features 21

Aurum5 SDD Series - Cool Inside

3 - Stage cooling tube structure, highly efficient temperature management ventilation, keeps the instrument cool, thus better life of core spares and better repeatability.

Product Features 22

Engineered for You

Maxsell engineering for your next gold testing machine is our passion. Be it Xray spectre, Detector protection and safety, temperature management, software algorithm. We let you Win!

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